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What are different health benefits of clove oil?

Cloves have been used for home remedies and for flavouring cuisines for time immemorial. It is largely grown in Indonesia, South Philippines and the Island nation of Zazibar. Today Cloves are also grown in India, China, West Indies, Brazil, Madagascar and some other Tropical climates. Clove trees are 10-12 metres high; the clove is a […]

What are different health benefits of including clove in your daily diet?

Scientifically known as Eugenia aromatica, Clove is the dried bud of a flower of an evergreen tree. It grows mainly in the warmer climates. Cloves are known for their flavor, aroma and medicinal value probably one of the reasons why it finds a place in innumerable cuisines. Clove oil is one of the most common […]