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What are different home remedies for Winter Ailments? – Part 4

Winter ailments are the problems that arise during the winter season likely. They include conditions like: • Cold • Cough • Asthma • Bronchitis • Eczema • Chapping of skin • Cold sores • Nasal congestion • Sinusitis

Home remedies for Winter Ailments

42. Bath • The patient should perspire through steam bath, hot footbath, […]

What are different home remedies for Herpes? – Part 4

What are Herpes?

• Herpes usually refers to a disease condition that is caused by herpes simplex viruses. • They typically involve blisters and/or inflammation. • There are several types of herpes infection which depend upon the location of the infection. • Herpes labialis is also known as fever blisters or cold sores which involves […]