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A bad and prolonged headache during pregnancy ..

It is not uncommon to have tension headaches in the first trimester of pregnancy. This headache is nothing but a pressurizing pain or a dull ache on head’s either side or behind the neck. They do not go away with rest. In pregnancy, the issue worsens due to hormonal changes. The volume of the blood and its circulation may also be another reason for headaches in the initial stages of pregnancy. Not having any caffeine, i.e., coffee may cause head pounding headaches. […]

How is neck problem and headache related? – Part 2

• Individuals that are tormented by neck pain and headaches are typically turning out to be un-diagnosed or misdiagnosed as tension headaches or migraines. • If this type of kind of headache arises pretty frequently, then it is most frequently due to a trouble in the upper spine, shoulder or most significantly the neck. • […]