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How to create an asthma safe home and environment? – Part 2

For a person with asthma, the only way not to trigger asthma is by providing the person a home safe environment by expelling all the triggering agents and minimizing the possibilities of a trigger.

Basic Steps to create an asthma safe environment

3. To reduce moisture and mold: • It is essential to keep the […]

What is Dwarfism? What are the causes of Dwarfism? – Part 2

Dwarfism just isn’t an ailment, but a medical problem. This could be caused by: • Genetic disorders. • Bone and cartilage development • Growth hormone deficiency, called pituitary dwarfism. • This is a case where this condition just isn’t transferable genetically. • Facial features usually are affected. • Individual limbs might have problems linked to […]