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What are different homeopathic remedies for Erythema Nodosum?

• Erythema is a skin condition identified by redness or rash. • There are many types of erythema. These include: – Photosensitivity – Erythema multiforme – Erythema nodusum • Erythema nodosum is a form of erythema that is accompanied by tender lumps. • These lumps appear on the legs below the knees. • It is […]

What are different home remedies for Blocked Milk Duct?

What are Blocked Milk Ducts? • Blocked milk ducts occur quite commonly in mothers who breastfeed their babies. • When a milk duct gets plugged, a tender lump develops under the areola. • There could be redness around the area of the lump. • A blocked milk duct can lead to bouts of pain.

Symptoms […]