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What are the health benefits of betel leaves?

Betel leave is an aromatic leaf which is from the Piperaceae family; its botanical name is Piper betel. Other members of this family include pepper and also kava. It is a very beneficial leaf, commonly known as “PAAN” in India. Betel plant is a creeper plant and has a slender look. The leaves of the […]

What are the health Benefits of Leaves of Beluntas?

Beluntas is commonly known as Luntas in java, Luan Yi in China, Lamutasa in Makassar, Baluntas in Madura, Lenaboui in the East, Baruntas in Sunda, and Beluntas in Indonesia and Sumatra. It is a shrub that comes from the family of Asteraceae/ Compositae which has many branches which are fluffy, and that grows to a […]